Friday, 9 June 2017

New Project Underway

A few weeks ago I was approached by James Roach who wanted to discuss a new project.  I've known James for many years and we first worked together on Pike & Plunder; his campaign rules for the Great Italian Wars in the sixteenth century.

I was very excited when he said he wanted to commercialise the latest version of his rules for Crusader warfare Ager Sanguinis. The rules are card driven with no fixed turn sequence and aim to capture the essence of warfare during this popular period.

Perhaps best known for his painting skills and superbly illustrated blog James is also a keen developer of wargames rules. As regular readers of his blog will know he puts a lot of effort into testing, fine tuning and adapting rules to produce playable games that reflect his reading of history. The latest version of Ager Sanguinis is the result of one such exercise.

The rules proved very popular when first published in 2009 as a supplement in Miniature Wargames.  Since then they have been subject to repeated play testing and continuous refinement to the point that they are now ready for commercial release.

After working on the project for a number of weeks, yesterday marked a significant milestone when I sent James the first full edit of the rules. This was the result of a detailed read through and a thorough check of the logic so that everything is consistent and there are no glaring contradictions in the text.

Once James has had time to comment on the first edit we will be able to set a launch date, finalise the document text & layout and begin the process of publicising the project.

As part of the latter I have already set up a dedicated web site & blog for the project. The site offers people all the usual ways to keep up to date with the project but perhaps the easiest is the "Follow by email" option found at the bottom of every page. This ensures people will receive each post by email to read at their leisure. Most importantly, they remain in control and can unsubscribe at any time.

This project is a joint publishing deal.  For more details of how this works visit the editing page.

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