Editing & Publishing

I have combined my professional skills of project management, technical writing and new product development to launch a number of new hobby related products in partnership with a number of authors.  I have also taken on straightforward  editing projects for authors wishing to improve their products.


Today it's all too easy to write wargames rules or devise card games that work really well in the hands of the author and a close group of play testers.  What is much harder is to explain the concepts and how they work in practice to first time readers in plain English.  This can make or break a new game or set of rules.

In recent years I have helped a number of authors polish their products.  Each one required something different.  I have structured documents for the first time reader; uncovered errors of omission; and highlighted undocumented assumptions.  In a number of instances there's also been a few logical inconsistencies to resolve too.

Even so, when editing I always respect the author's original intentions and ownership of the project: editing is about improving the presentation of ideas not changing them.


Not every rules or game designer has the skills, or the time, to take an idea from concept, through development and on to launch.  Likewise, not every author has the financial resources to employ a professional editor or proof reader.

To allow aspiring authors to launch their product with little or no financial outlay I offer a joint development & publishing option.  This has no up front costs or fees of any kind.

Authors agree to my publishing the product and to share the profits.  In return I edit and develop the product to produce the best product possible. This is of necessity a joint exercise: a true partnership.

Once the product is ready, I handle all sales matters and provide the necessary online marketing support including dedicated web sites where appropriate.

For more details or to discuss a project please use the contact form at the foot of the page.

Services menu

  • Text editing.
  • Document structuring.
  • Proof reading.
  • Document layout.
  • Card & counter design.
  • Cover design.
  • Pdf preparation.
  • Web site creation.
  • Publication via Wargame Vault.
  • Marketing & advertising.

Case Studies


  • Available on request.