Thursday 10 September 2020

Tables & Grouping in Wargames Rules

Here's another refurbishment of a table from Nigel Emsen's American Civil War rules "Rebels & Yankees".  This time it shows the the benefit of explicit grouping to improve ease of use in play.

[3] Resilience Situation Adjustment Table (Page 11): 

This is the original:

It's relatively clean but it looks intimidating at first sight.  Once read a few times it's actually very starighforward.  To bring out the underlying structure and overall simplicity I just added a little grouping:

Hey presto!  This should be so much quicker to scan in play not least because it enforces a little structure to the list and hence to applying the modifiers. It will also transfer directly to a quick reference sheet.

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Vexillia said...

Replaced all links to "Quick Play Rules" and "Firepower Games" with links to Nigel's Wargame Vault page. Original sites are dead.